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Day 9 - MLGS Traffic (2 of 3):

How to Earn $800 per Week With MLGS and Clickbank!

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Our 7 Income Systems...

1. List Infinity:

This one's pretty obvious, and makes the absolute best lead capture system I've seen.

It builds your list virally, pays you $100 instant commissions (HUGE), and is monetized with multiple streams of income, including Lead Lightning (Power Lead System).

Cost to upgrade List Infinity - $125

Cost to upgrade Lead Lightning - $7

2. IPS:

This is the natural and obvious progression, as it can actually have you earning $300 instant commissions.

Yep, just like LI, IPS pays you instantly! And $300 is no chump change. Just think how easy it's going to be to earn any advertising costs back...

And then some.

This is why both List Infinity and Infinity Processing System should be at the top of your funnel, as your lead-in offers. Instant cash means that you can activate/upgrade all the rest of our offers both quickly and easily. It also means faster traffic turnaround for far more exponential growth than you'd experience if you had to wait weeks to get paid.

Definitely go for the $300 package, if you can.

Lots of great perks and training, beyond the $300 instant commissions. We'll be doing an extremely thorough deep-dive of IPS starting on Day 11.

For now...

More Systems Revealed Soon... Stay Tuned!

Our 7 Traffic Sources...

1. MyLeadGenSecret:

For just $1 per day, you'll receive 100 brand new leads daily... that's 3000 leads per month!

Refer just one person (including yourself... by buying a NEW account through your own affiliate link)...

And these leads will be boosted to 200 daily... or 6000 per month!

A built-in mailer is included, so everything is done 100% in-house.

The affiliate program is also 5-tier, meaning that you earn on your referrals' referrals' referrals' referrals' referrals! Crazy, right?

You also earn bonuses. Get just 5 new customers in a week, earn a $100 bonus... no limits!

With Freaky Funnel, and all of this will be done for you automatically!

The cost for each account is $60 for your first month, and $30/mo. thereafter. As of this writing, I have 12 accounts! I recommend five.

Two at a minimum. :)

2. April's Traffic Rolodex:

April loves FREE and super cheap traffic.

Do you?

If so, be sure to check out her Traffic Rolodex now!

More Traffic Sources Revealed Soon... Stay Tuned!

I will never share or rent your information. You're in good hands. I'm only here to help. The more proficient I am at helping you to succeed, the more my own success grows. I've been a well-known marketing coach for over a decade now. I didn't get here by being unethical.

*As with any business undertaking or investment opportunity, never invest more than you're willing to lose. No income guarantees can or will be made. You may make a life-changing fortune. You may make nothing. You may make something in between. Your own work ethic, implementation, marketing skills, time allotment, and budget may all play a role in your results. Of course, events outside of our control, such as the market itself or dumb luck, may also factor into both your success... and my own. One never knows, but as someone who has earned his full-time living online since 2013...

I can tell you that I'm mighty confident in this proven process!

**Neither myself (Lee Murray) nor Freaky Funnel (my site) is associated with Facebook, Traffic Authority, TikTok, Instagram, Traffic Domination, MyLeadGenSecret, Udimi, ClickMagick, Thrive Themes, GetResponse, List Infinity, or any other program or tool covered throughout the duration of this 60-day coaching program. This program is for educational purposes only.

I am unable to provide refunds for any traffic or upgrades you choose to purchase. All refund requests must be presented to individual system owners.

I am merely an affiliate... and a very willing participant... just like you're about to be, should you decide to take advantage of this amazing process! :)

Thanks for being here today. Let's rock this!